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Important information for Sun Life Insurance plan members:

Are you feeling down, alone or overwhelmed about life, work or relationships? Are you suffering from mental health issues?  We provide in person and online counselling to clients across Canada.

Insurance companies often provide coverage for some or all of the costs associated with counselling sessions or other mental health services. Sun Life is one of many insurance companies that offer partial or complete mental health coverage.  Be sure to ask if they cover counselling services with a Psychotherapist, Registered Counselling Therapist or other mental health professionals. 

We provide counselling for anyone suffering from anxietydepressionpost traumatic stress. We also offer anger management counsellingcouples counsellingfamily counsellinggrief counselling and career and transition counselling or college and university career counselling.

All counselling therapy sessions with Five Star Wellbeing are provided by Registered Counselling Therapists, or Registered Counselling Therapist Candidates with many years of experience. Check out any of the above links in our main menu, or click to learn more about our counselling services and our team

Be sure to check with your employer and/or insurance provider for specific requirements about Sun Life Mental Health Coverage. Sun Life may require additional information to confirm your eligibility. Contact us, or your Sun Life Health Insurance contact about making a claim or claims.  or have any other inquiries.


Derrick McEachern,

Counselling Therapist, Owner

What Clients Say

"Over a three month span, Five Star Wellbeing  helped me undergo a full, objective view of myself. He acted as a compassionate sounding board to help me delve deeply into my own personal story. Together we reached conclusions regarding what career would likely lead to success and fulfillment, which, 5 years later, I have not second guessed.


"Thank you for all your efforts with Matthew. He has become more settled, thoughtful and considerate." While this could all be put down to maturity, he has needed a calm, and respectful male role model to make these changes. It's been hard to change destructive and counter-productive habits. But he has achieved some goals that I would think he never previously dreamed of attaining."

Anonymous Parent

Female Testimonial

"I started online counselling with Five Star Wellbeing before it was required by the state of the world. I appreciate the face-to-face interaction. It provides more of a personal connection that telephone counselling and I can still do it from the comfort of my own home. I can meet with a great counsellor easily over my lunch break or in the evening without worrying about traffic or parking. It is so convenient, I plan to continue even after life returns to normal." 


Female Testimonial
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