Family Counselling

 Raising children is the most important job you'll ever have. It may also be the most challenging. Family Counselling can support you in your efforts to raise competent, compassionate and engaged young adults. It will also help you stay connected and on the same page as your partner.

Families often find themselves unprepared for complex problems from abuse, separation and divorce, combined families, substance abuse and managing conflict. Other challenges include managing homework, household chores and understanding and navigating family members with disabilities.

We bring parents, children and teens together to overcome differences, manage breaches in trust, reduce conflict and have important conversations. When discussions are difficult and people are feeling disconnected, family counselling can help everyone feel heard, repair trust, improve communication, and reset boundaries. 


Warning Signs

  • Intense feelings that shift quickly
  • Defensiveness- excuses, deflecting blame, and avoiding responsibility
  • Stonewalling- disengaging when feeling overwhelmed by a conversation
  • Hurtful behaviour- belittling, sarcasm, and criticism.
  • Arguments that never get resolved
  • Ignoring and indifference
  • Overuse of power- threats of punishment
  • Refusal to accept parental authority

Suggestions for Parents

Keep in mind the long term skills you want your children to develop. 

  • Healthy Relationships:  You want to have healthy, stable relationships with your kids. Similarly, you want your kids to be capable of healthy relationships with others for years to come.
  • Sense of Purpose: You want your kids to develop an understanding of their interests and strengths, so they can be motivated and self-directed. 
  • Resilience: You want your kids to develop the skills to remain emotionally and psychologically well through difficult times such as illness, injury, setbacks and loss.
  • Competence: You want your child's confidence to be based not on groundless praise, but an ability to solve problems, manage adversity and make healthy decisions.   

How We Can Help

Family counselling provides a safe space for you to discuss parenting decisions, navigate differences, and clarify strategy. We will use a combination of emotionally focussed and mindfulness-based therapies to help family members rebuild connections, change negative patterns and facilitate listening and communication. 

For kids, family therapy is an important opportunity for them to express their ideas and develop a healthier relationship with mom and dad. As a parent, you receive the support you need to ensure the long-term wellbeing of your relationship and mental health of your children.

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