Counselling Therapy

Improve Your Wellbeing and Mental Health

Are you feeling down, alone or overwhelmed about parts of life, work or relationships?

Do you struggle with difficult emotions or managing your mental health?

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, but life presents us with challenges that are unexpected, that we are unprepared for or are beyond our control.

It's important to know you aren't alone at these times. How you are adjusting, coping, and responding doesn't define you. It just makes you human.

  • Perhaps you've been told that you are the problem.
  • Maybe you are feeling unproductive and unmotivated.
  • Maybe you've experienced injustice or violence.
  • You may have some unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • You have moments of confidence that alternate with self-doubt.
  • Maybe you've made mistakes.

It's okay to be right where you are.

There's nothing wrong with you.

You matter.

Counselling will help you:

Feel Better Online Counselling

Feel Better

Draw upon your strengths and resources

Change Habits Online Counselling

Change Habits

Change ineffective thought patterns and behaviours

Overcome Obstacles Online Counselling

Overcome Obstacles

Work towards long-term healing and recovery

Our Approach:

Mindfulness Based and Compassion Focused Therapies 

 We use Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) CFT to help people identify core needs, manage strong emotions regulate their mood, and increase feelings of safety and self-acceptance. Both  therapies have been proven effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, in addition to other mental health problems.

Emotionally Focused Couple and Family Therapy

Our therapeutic approach when working with couples is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Emotionally Focused Couples therapy helps couples learn to Understand Their Attachment History allowing them to better understand each other's attachment fears and needs, recognize cycles that lead to avoidance and emotional escalation, and Stop Overreacting to Emotional Triggers so they can heal attachment bonds and communicate in more helpful ways.

These approaches can help you:

  • learn to steady your mind
  • work through and heal past pain
  • prevent negative thoughts and emotions from spiralling into harmful behaviour
  • make positive and lasting changes to your brain and nervous system
  • Be less judgemental and more compassionate with yourself and others
  • improve mood and increase feelings of positivity

How can we help you?

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Individual Counselling

Intern Counselling Clinic: Affordable Counselling

At Five Star Wellbeing we believe quality counselling therapy should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We work with Masters Counselling programs to match clients in need of affordable therapy with therapists working toward certification. 

All Interns are supervised by Derrick McEachern, an Approved Candidacy Supervisor with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists.

Intern Counselling Clinic

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Feel confident you have the right support, tools and practices you need to achieve your goals.

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Book A Counselling Session

Understand your needs and clarify your goals

Wellbeing Assessment

Complete Our Wellbeing Assessment


Assess how you are doing in five key areas of life


 Increase Your Wellbeing

Have a plan to improve your wellbeing and mental health. 

Track Growth

Track Your Progress 

Have a benchmark and assess your progress often.

Why we're different  

At Five Star Wellbeing, we know wellbeing is more than an absence of problems.

Wellbeing can be understood as one’s psychological, social or physical ability to meet and manage challenges. It can be defined as “how people feel about and experience their daily lives.”

Wellbeing is different from happiness. It's possible to be unhappy and still have wellbeing. While we work together on what you are struggling with, we'll ensure you won't lose sight of your strengths and what's already working for you in your life.

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Employee Wellbeing

Purpose Wellbeing

Even when things aren't going well, people who have a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives are happier, more productive, more resilient and less likely to experience mental health problems.  

What inspires you? What breaks your heart? Answers to questions like these will help you find things that give you purpose.


Social Wellbeing

A few positive supportive relationships in your life can make a big difference. Social relationships act as a buffer against stress, improve immunity and cardiovascular function. They also protect against depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Who can you rely upon when things are tough? Who can rely on you? 


Physical Wellbeing

Mental health is dependent on physical health. Seventy-five percent of medical expenses come from mostly preventable illnesses. People who attend to their physical health experience less stress, take fewer sick days, are happier and more productive.

Do you provide your body with the right nutrients, rest and movement it needs to function optimally? To avoid mental and physical illness? 


Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing and mental health are closely linked. People with mental health problems are 3.5 times more likely to be in problem debt, and half of those in debt, have mental health problems.

How financially stable, secure and confident do you feel about your financial future?  


Community Wellbeing

Feeling a sense of connection and belonging to the communities we live and work in prevents loneliness, increases immunity and promotes positive mental health. 

Do you feel emotionally and physically safe? Do you feel like you you matter? That you are relied on and cared for by the people in your community?


Assess your Wellbeing

Wellbeing Assessment

Stronger wellbeing is related to improved mental health.

The Five Star Wellbeing Assessment will help you understand where you are suffering, surviving or thriving in five areas of life.

Try it now for free. You'll receive personalized results and tips and tools to improve your quality of life and mental health. 

Wellbeing Assessment Results

Take the Five Star Wellbeing Assessment

Assess Your Wellbeing

Assess Your Wellbeing

Complete our simple and powerful Wellbeing Assessment. 

Change habits and patterns

Understand Yourself 

Change ineffective thought patterns and behaviours

Improve your wellbeing and mental health

Achieve Your Goals

Take steps to overcome obstacles and towards healing and wellbeing.

Benefits of Counselling

Depression, Mental Health and Wellbeing

For those seeking alternatives to medication, counselling is:

  • As effective as medication at reducing symptoms

For those requiring medication:

  • Counselling helps improve adherence to medication
  • More effective than medication at preventing relapse
  • Counselling and medication together are more effective than medication alone
  • Has none of the side effects compared with medication

Medication can help you turn down the volume. Counselling will help you change the channel.

Online Counselling