Five minutes will tell you whether you are suffering, surviving or thriving in five essential areas of life.

Wellbeing Assessment

Welcome to the Wellbeing Assessment.

This assessment is designed to help you assess your current level of wellbeing based on five evidence-based areas. Questions are grounded in research on wellbeing and mental health from Gallup, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and the World Health Organization.

Your results are confidential. By completing the following form, you will see your results onscreen immediately. You will receive an email with your results and follow-up communication from Five Star Wellbeing if you provide your e-mail address.

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I am doing tasks and activities that I find interesting each day.*
I have people I can depend on if I was sick, in trouble, or needed help.*
I get a minimum of 45 minutes of moderate physical activity (brisk walking, gardening) each day.*
I have enough money to meet my basic needs.*
My neighbourhood is a safe place to live in.*
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