Affordable Counselling

Intern Counselling Clinic: Affordable Counselling

Intern Counselling Clinic:Affordable Counselling Do you know someone who would from affordable counselling? Five Star Wellbeing Counselling and mental Health now offers affordable counselling through out Intern Counselling Clinic!  We help those in need, receive support from Masters Students working toward professional counselling certification in Nova Scotia.    Improving Access to Mental Health Care ServicesAccording to a […]

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New Location in Greenwich, NS.

Dear friends!I am thrilled to share some big news with you. For those who are not aware, life recently presented my partner Sheila and I with the opportunity we had been seeking. We recently purchased a 98-year-old home, in Greenwich, Nova Scotia. This charming home and property is nestled directly between New Minas and Wolfville,

Emotionally Focused Therapy Roadmap

Emotionally Focused Therapy Roadmap For Couples

Are you considering emotionally focused therapy for couples? Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) is a specific model of couple therapy that focuses on the attachment bonds between partners in a romantic relationship.  It presumes that human beings are naturally relational and wired for intimate connection.   In EFT, adult attachment is seen as an essential part of

Stop reacting to Emotional Triggers 2

How to Stop Over-Reacting to Emotional Triggers

How to Stop Overreacting to Emotional Triggers toDo you find yourself emotionally triggered by powerful feelings in specific situations and circumstances, or by other people?For over 15 years as a volunteer in a therapeutic group for incarcerated men, I learned to spot someone trapped by an emotional trigger. One man I’d known for many years,

Secure Attachment

How Understanding Your Attachment History Can Help You Heal

Do you find yourself endlessly repeating old arguments with your partner? Are you in an endless pursuit of love, but find yourself chasing unavailable people? Or have you left a trail of broken hearts behind you for reasons even you don’t understand? Your attachment history plays an important role in how you relate to and

Teen Friendship

Teen Friendship: Balancing COVID Safety and Teen Mental Health

Over the last few weeks, I have had conversations with many parents and their teens about the risks and benefits of online learning, and the decision about whether to send their kids to school when classes resume in person.Deciding whether or not to send your children to school is a personal family decision that can

Teen Mental Health

How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

If you have a child who struggles with Mental Illness, You are not alone. Mental illness affects 1.2 million of children and youth in Canada. Jennifer’s sixteen year old daughter was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and selective mutism and has struggled with mental illness which has impacted her school attendance and learning.Effects of Poor Mental Health

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