Wellbeing and Mental Health

Wellbeing and Mental Health

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At some point in most everyone’s life, you or someone you know will struggle with a mental health problem. It’s importan to know that there are things we can all do to prevent, manage and recover from mental health problems.

Canada now ranks third in developed countries for anti-depressant use. Although the cost of mental health in Canada is over 50 billion annually nothing has changed the fact that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. 

If we want to change that, we must begin to examine and address the underlying causes.  According to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing: since 1994: 

We are experiencing more time pressure:

  • Only 66.5% of Canadians work regular Monday-Friday daytime working hours – down 8%
  • Daily commute times have increased by 40% – equivalent to almost two weeks per year
  • Only 1/3 of Canadians are getting sufficient sleep – 7-9 hours per night.
  • We are spending 30% less time with friends

We are also spending far less time on leisure and culture:

  • One hour less per month on the arts
  • 30% less time volunteering in cultural and recreational activities
  • Spending 1/3 fewer days on vacation
  • Spending 15% less on culture and recreation – almost 6000.00 per year less
Source: Canadian Index of Wellbeing

In addition, most Canadians are not meeting basic requirements for physical wellbeing which can affect mental health:


Improving Mental Health

Lifestyle factors such as nutritionsleepexercisemeaningful workhealthy relationships and community belonging all play a key role in preventing mental health problems, raising questions about how to distinguish normal human response to suffering from mental illness.

Learn more to keep yourself and those you love healthy and well.

We offer a range Wellbeing Seminars focused on improving the wellbeing and mental health of individuals and organizations.

We also provide in person and online Counselling Therapy for those who need help along the way.

We hope you will join us to be a part of the solution.


Derrick McEachern,

Counselling Therapist & Founder, Five Star Wellbeing