Five Star Wellbeing Counselling and Mental Health

We specialize in services that improve the wellbeing and mental health of individuals and organizations.  Achieve your goals, feel more balanced and fulfilled.

NEW!! We now offer Affordable Counselling at our Intern Counselling Clinic for just $45.00/hr

How can we help you?

Counselling Therapy

When you are suffering, it can impact how you think, how you see yourself, how you work and how you connect with others.

Counselling will help you manage problems and difficult emotions more effectively, feel more balanced and fulfilled, and bring greater insight and wisdom to your relationship with others. 

Learn how you can manage problems more effectively and achieve your goals.

Workplace Wellbeing

When you improve workplace wellbeing you improve people's lives, increase engagement, productivity, customer service, morale and your bottom line.

We offer leaders and HR Managers affordable evidence-based tools to build and guide your mental health strategy.

Learn how you can achieve your goals by improving workplace wellbeing.

Derrick McEachern Five Star Wellbeing Counselling and Mental Health Registered Counsellling Therapist

Derrick McEachern; Registered Counselling Therapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor and Owner, Five Star Wellbeing Counselling and Mental Health.

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