Perinatal & Postpartum Counselling

Perinatal Counselling, during pregnancy and after childbirth, can offer you and your partner support from pre-conception well into the postpartum period. There are many changes that occur during this sensitive time, and the support of a therapist can be vital to helping you adjust, find wellness or healing. We address your mental health needs across the perinatal spectrum, from fertility to parenting.

Perinatal Counselling


Consider Therapy if you:

  • Experience strong emotions, anxiety or depression
  • Have difficulty with fertility or treatments 
  • Need support with decisions related to termination of pregnancy 
  • Are experiencing grief and loss associated with miscarriage, stillbirth.
  • Need support for decisions and concerns related to prenatal diagnoses 
  • Experienced trauma associated with childbirth
  • Are adjusting to change and managing expectations after childbirth
  • Experience mood fluctuations, anxiety, or postpartum depression after childbirth
  • Relationships concerns with partners and families
  • Need support with attending to your need for physical, emotional and social wellbeing
  • Decisions related to maternity leave
  • Adjusting to parenthood, including attachment and bonding with your baby
  • Adjusting to new roles, routines and expectations in your relationships
Perinatal Counselling

What You Can Do

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How We Can Help

We provide emotionally-focused,  person-centered, and mindfulness-based interventions to help you connect with your body, your needs and your child's needs. 

Therapy can be an important way of caring for yourself and understanding that your experiences are normal. This is a time of physical, emotional transition and relationship change for you, your partner, family and loved ones.   

We provide you with a safe space to explore and adjust to new feelings, fears, roles and routines  while navigating important relationships in your life.

Your wellbeing matters. Take five minutes to learn if you are suffering, surviving or thriving in five essential areas of life and what you can do to improve your wellbeing. Try it now.

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