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Do you feel like you and your partner have become more like roommates? Do you find yourselves repeatedly stuck in the same arguments over and over? Are you looking for greater intimacy, but feel as though you and your partner are growing apart? 

Couples Counselling aims to repair and heal the emotional connection between you and your partner, the cornerstone of your relationship. 

Research shows that healing that connection can help couples better cope with anxiety, pain, loss and even trauma, and begin responding more more positive ways.

Emotional isolation and exclusion trigger the same parts of the brain as physical pain. 

Loneliness raises blood pressure and can double the risk of heart attack and stroke. Marital distress has been shown to lead to feelings of helplessness and can increase the risk of depression by ten times.  

Fortunately, counselling can help you reconnect and repair your relationship. 


  • Disputes over money are the number one cause of divorce in Canada
  • Feeling lonely and detached raises cortisol (stress) levels in body
  • Feeling alone in a relationship results in loss of trust and prevents healthy communication
  • being happily married is associated with better mental and physical health and a longer lifespan 
  • Adult require a secure sense of attachment children do. Healthy childhood attachment sets the sets the stage for secure adult attachment.
  • Alcohol is the primary cause of most domestic violence cases in Canada

When to Consider Couples Counselling

  • You see patterns of criticism that target each partners character or personality
  • Feel caught in a cycle of accusations or blame
  • Emotional swings - between hope and hopelessness 
  • Sarcasm, name calling, eye rolling, sneering, mocking hostile humour  
  • Emotional numbness or indifference
  • Regularly being flooded with anger or fear
  • Unwillingness of partners to take ownership for their mistakes
  • Stonewalling or ignoring one another  
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How Couples Counselling Works

We use emotionally-focused therapy to rebuild healthy bonds and address each partner's attachment needs. We will work together to rebuild trust, improve communication and emotional connection.

Even if you and your partner have been emotionally disconnected for a long time, if you are both willing to work on the relationship, couples counselling can help.

Couples counselling can help you:

  • Reconnect so you can rebuild trust and safety
  • Acknowledge each partners' need for emotional support
  • Recognize the negative cycles and patterns as the enemy, not each other
  • Take small risks and learn to be more compassionate and vulnerable with each other 

We can help you gain new insights about your relationship and one another, and reestablish the loving connection you both desire. 

Five Star Wellbeing Action Item

Learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy by viewing our EFT Roadmap for Couples. It is a checklist the allows you and your therapist to track your progress in therapy. 

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