Career and Personality Assessment

Career and personality assessments provide insights that help you find meaningful career options that use your strengths and increase your employability.

We can help you assess your interests, values, strengths and skills, and help you find work and career options that can help you find meaningful and rewarding work, that provides you with the the financial stability and security you are looking for. 

We'll help you make career and work decisions that are in line with your skills and interests. Get started today, and feel more confident, educated and informed about your future.  


  • Only 20% of people like what they do each day
  • Being engaged in your work boosts happiness, reduces stress, the risk of depression and heart disease
  • Just 13% of people are engaged in their jobs 
  • job quality predicts quality of life as much as health status and more than income
  • 8 in 10 employees experience at least occasional burnout
  • people who use their strengths are 6x as likely to be engaged and 3x as likely to have excellent quality of life

Signs of Poor Career Fit

  • Emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion 
  • Excessive and prolonged stress due to skills mismatch.
  • Lack a sense of purpose and focus
  • Feel inadequate or incompetent
  • Feel unsatisfied or bored.
  • Have unreasonable demands placed upon them.
  • Lack interest in the work you are doing
  • Feel stuck
  • Work environment or role doesn't fit with your values, needs or lifestyle
Wellbeing Assessment

Confident In Your Direction? 

There's far more to choosing a career than taking assessments. No assessment can tell you what kind of job you should do. But assessments play an important role in ensuring you choose a career that fits your skills and personality. 

However, if you are unsure of what career path you want to pursue, or find yourself unhappy and moving from one job to the next, you may benefit from Career Counselling. We offer College and University Career Counselling as well as Career Counselling for people in need of a career change. We work together to help you identify you skills, find a rewarding and satisfying career, and find college or university programs to help you get there.

How We Can Help

Finding the right career involves ensuring your interests, values, strengths and skills align with the work you do. We will provide you with tools and assessments along with individualized coaching to help you find work roles and a career path that will lead to a purposeful, meaningful and satisfying career.

Start now by taking the our FREE Wellbeing Assessment below.

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