Weight Loss: 3 Films to Chew on!



Before you start counting carbs and calories with a focus on weight loss, try this:

Food! Real Food.

Just the idea of “losing weight” comes with several dangerous messages:

  • “I don’t like my body”
  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “Something is wrong with me”

We spend a great amount of energy relying on our willpower to resist foods we “shouldn’t eat”, and forget to focus on what foods fuel and heal us.

You will feel great, and lose weight naturally!

Eating with Purpose:

The purpose of eating is provide energy and fuel our body and mind. Food should be our friend!
Babies naturally know when to eat, and when to stop eating. Eating should be is as natural to humans as is breathing.

When did we stop listening to our bodies? Our relationship with food is suffering.

Inspirational Food Films:

If you are looking for a little inspiration to help change your relationship with food, here are 3 food films to fuel you!

Fed Up

Fed Up Movie!

We need to understand how processed foods marketed as “good for us” are causing disease.

While sugar might not get us high, it is addictive and cutting back can be very difficult.

The film documents:

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  • The role of sugar in the rise of obesity and chronic disease
  • How sugar, in amounts we consume today is toxic, poisonous and addictive
  • How the food industry shifts the blame to consumers with concepts like “calories in, calories out”
  • Why we now see Type II diabetes (formerly known as “adult onset diabetes”) in infants
  • How sugar hides behind 50 other names on grocery store labels


Here is a food film will finally help you stop blaming yourself. View the FED UP! movie trailer:

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Forks over Knives


Some foods are addictive and make us sick. Whole foods, especially plant-based foods can restore health.

We all agree that if we stopped cutting down trees and releasing polluting the air and oceans, our planet would heal itself. Why don’t we believe our bodies would do the same with the right foods?

That’s just what many doctors around the world are healing people with food.

Forks over Knives is a food film that documents people using whole, plant-based food to:

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  • lose weight
  • stop and even reverse many chronic diseases
  • end a reliance on pharmaceutical drugs
  • develop a healthier more enjoyable relationship with food


Forks Over Knives shows how food truly can be life-giving, and our greatest ally in healing our bodies!

View the Forks Over Knives movie trailer:

May I Be Frank?

May I Be Frank Movie

This film captures the biggest problem we face when it comes to changing habits and patterns in our lives – our relationship with ourselves.

My I be Frank is the heartwarming, but painful story of Frank Farrante. Frank could be your father, your uncle, or your neighbour. Frank’s ability to laugh off his problems, and avoid numb his health problems are both painfully symbolic of our society’s current health problems.

This film is a reminder of the common struggle we all face in developing a more compassionate and loving relationship with ourselves, with food and with the one body we have.

View the May I be Frank movie trailer:

Invest in Your Wellbeing!

Would you like to change your relationship with food?

Eating is an import part of Physical Wellbeing. Like any other skill, our relationship with food is cultivated through practice, and is the most basic part of our overall Wellbeing (Career, Social, Physical, Financial, Community).

Try one of the following as a starting point to changing your relationship with food:

  • Compare one of your typical meals (breakfast, lunch or supper) with a whole-food, plant-based meal. Compare your hunger, energy level and mood on a 5 point scale from 0 (low) to 5 (high)
  • Do a shopping comparison. Determine whether it really is more expensive to make healthy food choices
  • Eliminate added sugar from your diet for 3 days. Record your hunger, energy level and mood three times each day on a 5 point scale from 0 – (low) to 5- (high)
  • Stop “cutting out” bad foods from your diet. Instead begin slowly adding more whole, plant-based foods. Eventually your new relationship with food with crowd out other, less nutritious foods

Share your experiences with us!

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