Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Present Yourself Professionally

Resume and cover letter writing, when done well can be the difference between getting an interview or not. A professional looking resume and cover letter that clearly demonstrate your skills can set you apart and get you the job. 

We will help you write a cover letter and resume that will stand out to employers and provide evidence of why you are the most suitable person for the job.

Do You Have The Skills?

Even if you don't have the skills and experience for the job, with a strong professional resume, it is still worth applying. If there aren't enough qualified applicants, employers often hire the most qualified person and train them to do the job.

However, if you have a professional resume and are still not getting interviews, it may be because you don't have the necessary skills, and others with more skills are getting hired.

If so, you may benefit from Career Counselling to determine if you need to upgrade your skills. We offer College and University Career Counselling as well as Career Counselling for people in need of a career change. Our Career Counselling includes Career and Personality Assessments to ensure that you find work that is meaningful and are qualified to do. 

You have far more skills and experience than you think. Our assessments help you identify and articulate your skills on your resume. 

Resume Facts

  • Just 2% of resumes pass electronic keyword screening, and of those 80% of resumes are rejected within 11 seconds
  • The average Canadian takes 16 weeks to find a new job
  • 50% of resume's don't demonstrate basic skills & qualifications required in the job ad.
  • 76% of resumes with unprofessional email addresses are rejected immediately by hiring managers
  •  93% of employers consider soft skills an “essential” or “very important” factor in hiring decisions

When to get resume help

  • If you are writing a resume and cover letter for the first time
  • You are changing fields and need a to highlight transferable skills
  • You're a recent graduate looking for work with little job-related experience
  • You are unsure how to identify and clearly articulate your skills and experience
  • Returning to the workforce after a long absence
  • Repeatedly not getting interviews for jobs you have the skills to do
Resume Writing

Improve Your Resume:

  • Beware of myths related to resume's and cover letters, ie. keep it to a single page, the more resume's you send, the better; hide gaps in work history...
  • Take an inventory of you education, paid and unpaid work history to identify your job-related skills
  • Select the appropriate resume for your needs; chronological, functional or skills-based resume
  • Focus on skills vs job tasks and responsibilities
  • Ensure that your resume is edited meticulously and grammatically correct

How We Can Help

We can help you build a unique and professional resume and cover letter focused on your strengths, skills and goals. We will help you clearly and concisely articulate and highlight your skills using skills based resume statements tailored to your specific job goals. Most importantly we will ensure your resume is professionally edited and presented in a way that ensures you aren't needlessly disqualified for jobs you are well-suited for.

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