Purpose Wellbeing

Do you have Career Wellbeing? Those who have career wellbeing like what they do each day, and take pride in their work. Whether their work or contributions are paid or unpaid, their work fits their interests and skills. As a result, their work requires ongoing learning that keeps them engaged and challenged, without being too difficult or stressful.

  • Do you feel motivated by what you do and take pride in your work?
  • Does work leave you feeling strong end energized at the end of the day?
  • Do your supervisors and managers support and encourage your growth and development?
  • Does your work afford you the income and lifestyle you are looking for?


If you like getting up each day, feel challenged by what you do you are in rare company. Disengaged employees (65-80% of full-time workers) are twice as likely to suffer from depression and are more likely to miss work due to illness.

Work you enjoy and that gives you a strong sense of purpose will not only make you happier, it will benefit everyone around you. Some jobs provide greater flexibility, time with family or children, for hobbies and leisure. When you consider the purpose your work provides, you will be more likely to have healthy relationships, be more financially secure, and have a greater sense of belonging.

Engaged workers embrace challenges, are more productive and have fewer absences due to illness and injury.

Career Counselling and Coaching

We provide career counselling and coaching focused on your wellbeing, and help you apply your interests, strengths and skills in the world.

Whether you are planning your education, choosing a career, making a career change, or seeking a better work/life balance we can help.


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