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Feeling Depressed This Holiday? Ask For This Gift.

If you are feeling down or depressed this holiday season, you are not alone. My client Jenny (not her real name) recently told me she feels depressed just thinking about Christmas because “I have to be stuck for days with all these people with great lives, beautiful homes and children, and it just reminds me […]

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5 Ways To Get A Job – Right Out Of College!

Want To Graduate and Get a Job In Your Field? If you are like most students, you went to college because you wanted to get a job and work in your field. But according to Statistics Canada, 42% of employed university degree holders between 25-34 years old are working in jobs that don’t require a degree.

Weight Loss: 3 Films to Chew on!

  Before you start counting carbs and calories with a focus on weight loss, try this: Food! Real Food. Just the idea of “losing weight” comes with several dangerous messages: “I don’t like my body” “I’m not good enough” “Something is wrong with me” We spend a great amount of energy relying on our willpower to

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Have a Mindful Christmas!

Around December 25th, millions of people take perhaps the largest collective pause the world experiences each year. It is a time when most non-essential services stop. As a result, the world gets a much needed opportunity to take a mindful breath.

Making Difficult-Decisions

3 Secrets to Making Difficult Decisions and Life Changes!

It’s very natural to avoid making difficult decisions and life changes. Change is hard. We can feel attached to lots of simple things, like our favourite coffee mug or the usual route home. So the decision to leave a well-paying job, end a significant relationship, or move across the country can be heartwrenching. Unfortunately, we

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