Twins and Mental Health

What Role Do Genes Play In Mental Illness?

Do you think about a diagnosis of mental illness as though it’s a life sentence? I recently met a client struggling with depression. She shared with me that her mother lived with depression. “So did my grandmother.” she said, “It’s in my genes, I was born with it.” Just a few generations ago, having a mental […]

Loneliness can make you sick

Don’t Let Loneliness Make You Sick

“My mother died of a broken heart and nobody can convince me otherwise.” Loneliness made a huge impact on Corrine’s mother’s mental health. During the pandemic Corrine’s mother died in her home. Her mother, named Audrey was 70 years old. She died three months after her husband passed away. Corrine wishes she had seen her mother more


How Culture Strengthens Your Identity

A deeper understanding of your cultural past can strengthen your sense of purpose and your identity.Growing up as a Mi’kmaw person, Alisha Knockwood felt disconnected from her culture and even further away from her sense of self. She was taught to keep her head down and not stand out from the crowd. Her classmates would bully her.

Drink Water to Support Mental Health

Water is essential to the survival of almost every species on the planet. Our bodies use water in every cell and organ to regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions. A hydrated body is less prone to complications in the joints, brain, digestion and spinal cord. While most people understand the importance of water is

Therapy Outdoors

Why I Started Providing Therapy Outdoors

Over the past several months, I have begun providing therapy outdoors for my clients. Several have taken me up on the offer. We get out on trails and walk and talk, bike, and with a young client who is an avid baseball player, we even play catch.Therapy outdoors combines physical activity with the therapeutic effects

Burnout impacts businesses and employees

How Businesses and Employees Can Address Burnout

When an employee begins to suffer from burnout, it can lead employees down a dangerous path reducing productivity, affecting mood, increasing sick time, financial worry and fear of unemployment.Shay, a program coordinator for a non-profit organization I met with recently coordinates events, manages a museum and writes grant proposals. She works under a new manager

Caregiver Burnout

Self-Care Day: Heal Burnout With Self-Compassion

Avoid Burnout With Self CompassionDo you know the difference between self-care and self-compassion? Self-care practices are those things we do to take care of ourselves after work, social or community events that take great energy, or after stressful life circumstances. Self-care activities might include: going for a massagevisiting a spataking a walk or hike in naturespending

The Forest Man persistence

How One Man’s Persistence Built An Ecosystem

Have you ever been faced with problem that seemed far too overwhelming to solve? When Jadav Payeng was 16, he found a large number of snakes that had died due to extreme heat.  Floods had washed them up on a sandbar near his home in the Jorhart District in India. At the time, powerful waters from the

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